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NEW TECHNOLOGIES FOR PRESSROOM AND PREPRESS – TRIALS AND DEMOS AVAILABLE The first of these technologies is the G7/GRACoL. If you have any proof to press matching issues you should pay attention to this. G7 is a calibration method that allows your to tie all your print devices to one target condition. Rather than having your proof chasing the constantly moving press condition we aim the presses and proofers at a single target. Once calibrated, you monitor the devices and when they move you simply correct the device that exhibited drift. The procedure is simple, inexpensive to learn, and we will teach you how to control and maintain it. This is an easy way to improve your makereadies, and a good foundation for future closed-loop implementation. Having a target is important – otherwise we are printing to chaos. The second technology is an optimization product called ALWAN OPTIMIZER ECO. This product is used to improve printability. It intelligently scans the work and adds GCR to the images. The end result is to make the images more stable and easier to print as well as to make it easier maintain color.  My customers who use it report faster makereadies, as well as better control during runs. In addition the process saves 25% or more in ink costs. (Important for web or difficult to print subjects, less important for sheetfed users who just want the stability). In addition to the GCR capabilities, Alwan can perform gamut mapping. Examples of this are a coldweb printer using it correct weak inks, or a packaging printer using it to correct traps and overprints due to ink rotation used when printing on plastic or other unconventional materials. A third technology us the ability to dynamically adjust press curves on the fly. While this technology is a bit ahead of the curve, it is important to watch because most likely many presses will be controlled this way in the future. Typically using simple G7 process control you would manually adjust plate curves if you notice drift. This simple G7 method is very successful but requires constant attention. A new product called ALWAN PRINT STANDARDIZER will take reads from your live jobs using your Intellitrax, and dynamically edit the plate curves at a specified interval and automatically write them into your RIP. It may sound like too much but the printing industry is headed this way. We also have other products that can perform a less automated version of this function as well. Finally, keep in mind that with plants as thin as they are as soon work picks up getting the work done will become a challenge. It is completely possible that many of the 2nd and 3rd shift staff who have been cut in many plants will not be returning. Automation will become very important. Closed loop and G7 are very helpful for this, but another product to keep an eye on is ENFOCUS SWITCH, which allows you to automate a variety of front end functions. If you have repeat work that requires the same functions keep in mind that we can help you automate this – both in the pressroom and also in prepress. Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you would like more information I can provide more detailed information on how Ron Ellis Consulting LLC and our partners can help your plant work take advantage of lower costs and increased efficiency.
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Ron Ellis, Ron Ellis Consulting LLC Specialty: Sheetfed Offset, Digital Print, Gravure & Wide Format Ron Ellis is a consultant specializing in brand quality, color management, automation and workflow integration. Chair of the GRACoL Committee, and an Idealliance G7 Expert, G7 Process Control Expert, G7 Expert Trainer, Ron is one of five trainers used by Idealliance to train and certify G7 Expert consultants. He has performed hundreds of G7 training and calibrations and has conducted training and consulting for a wide range of customers in Europe, Asia, and North America, Well versed in ISO standards, he is certified as a PSA consultant as well as an FTA Flexo Level 2 Implementation Specialist, and was the primary developer of IDEAlliance’s G7 Process Control program. Ron specializes in creating and implementing working spaces for brands and agencies that allow them to work more efficiently with vendors, saving both time and money. Ron is published frequently in industry magazines, and has produced training materials and curriculum for numerous printing industry groups, manufacturers and publishers. He has over 30 years experience working in the graphic arts, and holds a Master of Education from the University of Massachusetts. www.ronellisconsulting.com
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