Curve2 Software

Curve2 Software

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NEW Curve2 software includes:

Over 50 new functions and features have been added to Curve2, enhancing the intuitive interface of IDEAlink Curve to further simplify the G7 calibration process and improve its effectiveness. From basic pre-qualification tools that verify ink and paper colors, to conformance metrics for NPDC and gray balance, Curve2 elevates the whole process of G7 calibration and monitoring.

All aspects of a G7 calibration are contained in a new document format capable of holding a series of related press runs in one single file. Successive press runs are linked to previous runs so that Curve2 can accurately calculate new curves based on previous curves, perform run-to-run checks, and qualify how accurately a particular run or sample meets the G7 definition.

Graphing has undergone a complete redesign. Every Curve2 graph now has integrated zoom, pan and expansion tools. Users can view Curve2’s corrections vs control points and optimize the control points sent to the RIP for the most effective corrections possible. Curve2’s calibration curves are now available to more users and tools. Curves can be exported as device link profiles, Photoshop(tm) curves, text files and RIP configuration files. Curve2 can also display the “Measured” percentages required by some RIPs, instead of the more common “Wanted” percentages.

NEW Virtual Press Run Module:

Without VPR, obtaining a press profile from a G7-calibrated press requires at least two press runs; one with null plate curves to calculate the G7 calibration curves, and a second to print the profiling target through the resulting plate curves to profile the press.

VPR normally eliminates the need for the second press run. The G7 curves calculated from the first run are applied mathematically to the profiling target measurements of the first run, producing measurements that appear as if they were produced on a second “virtual” run.

Software to Simplify G7 Calibration of Proofing and Plate-Making Systems

• Generate dot %-based correction values for most popular RIPs

• Compare your press or proofing system to GRACoL 7 and SWOP

• Qualify individual proofs as often as you like

• Curve2 is your link to simple G7™ implementation. Easily calibrate and verify all your systems without the tedium and uncertainty of manual curve drawing.

• Designed by Don Hutcheson and powered by CHROMiX, Curve2 is your link to implementing G7™ by automating the manual tasks:

Gather Data

• Input P2P target readings from your measurement software

• Automatically average data from multiple targets


• See a real-time comparison of your measured curves to GRACoL 7 or SWOP specifications;

• 3-Tone Gray NPDC

• Black NPDC

• Gray balance

• Compare systems before and after G7 calibration

Analyze Color

In addition to a visual comparison of NPDC curves, Curve2 provides graphical analysis of:

• Gray Balance

• TVI/Dot Gain

• Ink Hue / Chroma Vs. ISO 12647-2 (commercial) or SWOP TR001 (publication)

Create Curves

• Automatically calculate RIP curve corrections as:

• Absolute Tone Values

• Delta Tone Values

• Use standard entry points for most popular RIPs

• Add or subtract entry points for custom RIPs

• Include or exclude gray balance corrections

• Set target gray value manually or from paper white

Over 50 New Features and Functions

Higher Accuracy:
• Significantly improved underlying algorithms– • Much better gray balance

More Control:
• Adjust curve compensations with graphical preset or selective control points
• Base one set of curves on another
• Iterative tuning by selecting previous run

Increased Productivity:
• Manage multiple press runs in a single document
• Double check run-to-run consistency
• Check how well a run meets G7 metrics

Improved Interface:
• Consistent with original Curve interface, so get up to speed quickly
• New and expanded interface functionalities. You’ll be pleased.

Powerful Exporting:
• Export device link profiles
• Export Photoshop(tm) curves
• Export text files, RIP configuration files & more

New Calculations:
• Calculate ISO-standard TVI curves
• Displays ‘Measured’ percentages in addition to ‘Wanted’ – depending on your RIP

Redesigned Graphing:
• Integrated zoom, pan and expansion tools
• View Curve2’s corrections vs preset or selected control points
• Optimize the control points sent to the RIP

New Reporting:
• Completely redesigned reporting includes graphs, tables and customizable “prepared by” fields.
• Calibration Run Report – summarizes any press run including graphs, metrics and curve control points
• Printing Guide – notes for day to day production G7 setup and printing

The Easiest Way to Implement G7™

* Upgrade orders must include original version username and serial number to be processed.



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